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I haven’t used sketchup in a while and I’m re-learning. I’m drawing a room and want to leave the ceiling transparent so we can rotate around it and see down inside. As I complete the plane of the ceiling it fills itself in and I don’t know how to make that disappear. I sometimes have this problem when I’m trying to make window and door openings as well. I suspect this is and easy problem for an experienced user. Your help is appreciated!


Select the face, not the edges, and delete it.


I tried selecting the face by double-clicking. Then I tried to delete with the eraser and with the drop-down menu. No luck. What am I missing?


Select with a single click, then either hit Delete on your keyboard or right click and select erase.


Bingo, thanks so much!


Alternatively, you could select the ceiling’s face[s] by single-click[s] and make a Group of it [or them], then make a new layer named say CEIL. and now with the ceiling-group selected you can reassign its layer to be CEIL, then switching that CEIL layer off hides it as needed. You can always switch it on in interior views later - thereby avoiding recreating it all. Use Scene-tabs for room interiors etc with CEIL on and in your modeling work ‘from above’ have CEIL off in that ‘general’ tab…


You can also paint the outside face of the ceiling with a transparent material. This lets you see through from the outside, but from the inside you can’t see out.


I thought you can only make a group of multiple entities, not single ones. Once created groups can have one single entity, though, by selecting more than one, make a group and then edit the group by deleting all the entities but one.


If you use a keyboard shortcut for Make Group you can make a group of a single entity. It just doesn’t show up in the context menu when it is a single.


Learned one, here! Never too old, I guess.(Although it feels counterintuitive that you can ‘group’ one single entity, I think one must learn how to think outside the …:smile:)


@MikeWayzovski, or select one entity > menu Edit > Make Group (or Make Component)


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