Deleted unsaved file

hi, i delated an unsaved file from scetch up cloud version ,how can i get it back pls

If that means: SketchUp web version ( than:

  1. You can not delete unsaved file, because it does not exist.
    However, if you got a prompt “Save changes to the current model?” and you answered Don’t save your changes were lost. So, if the file name is “Untitled” and you never saved before than you will lose all changes.
  2. Similar can happen if you are closing the web browser without saving. (However you must got a warning to not leave the site without saving, so if you don’t save it means exactly like that: it will not save)
  3. If you are about to delete file from “Home” you will get a warning:
    “Are you sure you want to delete this file? Note that you cannot undo this.”
    It means exactly what is written there. So if you chose *“Yes”, you file will be lost. (However that maybe recovered from e.g. Trimble Connect, Activity tab.)
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How did you delete something that wasn’t created?

it was created without saving .i prefer to give me answers than questions please .

yes its web version ,i had a promt saying an unknown file was detected you whant to save it ,i press no because i thout it is a virus or something than i notice that the last project i do not save it …

You can give yourself whatever you want.

I’m very sorry, but as I explained above there is no way to recover the unsaved model. If I lose a model, I am also angry, but I know that I can do it again, since I also made the one I lost.

I know you are frustrated because of loss of your work, but I would like to remind you that this is a public forum - with some rules - where other users also free to post, ask questions, especially if the original question is not clear. Please allow others to ask or remind you for the clarification. :peace_symbol:

thanks for trying to help me