Delete lines on face

I made a part of a bridge and copy pasted it to it´s designated length.
No i have many lines witch aren´t needed(the blue ones in my picture). Is there a possibility of getting rid of them or do i have to do it one by one?

Hey again :joy: you could use Selection Toys extension. Then right click one line and do delete all similar (under Selection Toys in the right click menu)

Hi :joy:
You mean this one?
Can´t find “delete all similar”

Yeah that’s the right one. Right click one of the lines, go under ‘selection toys’ and click select all similar. Then just push delete (on your keyboard)

I only get this :roll_eyes: No select similar

Under “select”

Not select only

There may have been a smarter way to model than copying the sections. For example, you might have just used Push/Pull to extrude the roadway and then copied just the legs etc.

Alternatively, you could have gone into the group and hidden the ends. the lines wouldn’t get deleted but they would get hidden.

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Just hide them. Drag over them with the eraser while holding shift. If you don’t need the lines at all then delete them. There’s no reason to use extensions that I can imagine.

The thing is that it´s a realy long part.
So erasing all at every side would take days. And copying the legs afterwards would also be hard because there are lots of legs and each section has 3 legs and not just one.

Can´t find it

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That´s it!
Work quite good

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For a duplicated structure such as this you should use components, not groups or loose edges and faces. Then you could open just one instance for edit, hide the border edges, and all the copies would be fixed at one go.

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