Default Tray Orientation


I don’t suppose there is a way to change the orientation of the Default Tray from vertical to horizontal so that it will fit along the top of the screen.?


I don’t know of a way to do this. You may be able to use several custom trays to get the effect you want, but there’s still no way to snap them to the top of the LayOut window. What type of UI layout were you hoping to achieve?



Hi Marc,
I just wanted to dock the tray across the top of my second monitor rather than have to keep scrolling down to find what tray portion that I need at the moment. Just a thought.


Create a set of custom trays.
Name each one as a category for like-minded panels.

Turn OFF the crappy Default tray.
Turn on ALL of your new custom trays.

Then they will be overlaid upon each other, in the tray area.

You then just bring to TOP the needed tray, by clicking it’s TAB.

Example. When you get to know what all the tools do, you will seldom need the Instructor panel.

Create a custom tray called Help, and check the Instructor panel for it. Turn it on, and uncollapse the panel. Drag it’s bottom edge down so it uses the entire tray area.

Repeat. Create a custom Styles tray. Select all the style-minded panels to appear in it. Turn it on. Those you use seldom, can be collapsed. Those you use often, adjust their height.

I also made one named Model, that has the “Model” and “Scrapbooks” panels.

And one each for “Layers” and “Pages”.

The tray tabs appear at the bottom of the tray area, thus: