Default program

I run SketchUp pro 2021 om my PC as the default (I also have SketchUp 2020 on the same computer).

Today I installed what I thought was an upgrade to SU 2022 only to discover it was a trial. My bad for not concentrating. I have since uninstalled 2022 and as a result SU2020 became the default app for skp files.

How do I make sure that SU Pro 2021 is my default please?

Try to reinstall 2021

Hi Mike.

I have an email from the reseller which provides a download link. So, I will over-write the existing with a download?

if the reinstall doesn’t actually solve it, you’ll need to edit your registry (presuming Windows) to remove the association with the (now uninstalled 2022 product) and the older (2020 product). i was constantly getting a similar issue until i did that. now works as expected.