Default Materials deleted accidentally in Folder Glass and Mirrors

Dear all,

I accidentally deleted the default materials in the folder Glass and Mirrors. I cannot just reinstall Sketchup because I have not admin rights on my company PC and working from home makes it even more difficult.

My folder is empty now
C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020\SketchUp\Materials\Glass and Mirrors

the other folders e.g. contain the materials like Asphalt New.skm

Can I download and copy the sketchup default materials back in the folder? I can imagine this would be the easiest solution?

Thanks in advance,

Here are the materials in a zip file. Extract them into the folder.
Glass and (114.7 KB)

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Hi Dave,
thanks a lot for the material files. It works just perfect. Is there a source on the sketchup webpage where I can find dose files in case I accidentally delete more materials from the default materials?

I assume you copied the files from your installation?

Have a great day.

I don’t think the OEM materials are available separately. You’d normally have to reinstall SketchUp to restore those files.

I did copy them from my installation.

Thanks for your support.

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Hi Sketchup Team,
can you not make the default materials of Sketchup available as separate files? Just as an idea.
Thanks for taking note.

Not to say it wouldn’t happen but yours is the first request for this that I’ve ever seen in more than 17 years of using SketchUp.