Debugging on macOS

Does SketchUp have the “” entitlement set?

Recent versions of macOS have made it impossible to debug any ‘native code’ plugins without that:

You cannot attach a debugger unless one of the following applies:

  • The host application has “” to enable debugging.

  • The private developer key used to sign the host application is in the user’s keychain.
    This would allow (some) SketchUp employees to debug plugins, but nobody else.

  • You have disabled System Integrity Protection using crsutil in Recovery mode.
    This does not appear to be supported, Apple have implied this will be removed ‘soon’.

It is unclear why Apple have such a dislike of software development on their platforms.

I split this into its own topic. I also have to ask internally about this.

But we’re talking about debugging Ruby C extensions, right?

What macOS and Xcode versions are showing this issue? (I’ve not seen it, but I’m also not on the latest macOS version.)