DC problem: Batch changing attributes via shared options aligns OTHER shared attributes

If this is listed somewhere else, I apologize, but I can’t find the words for it.

I have a number of similar components with identical “shells” that contain shared attribute names and options (materials, sizes, joinery methods, etc). In a given space with multiple boxes (shells) of varying sizes and types, SU DC allows shared attributes to be batch changed. When I do, however, it sets ALL shared options to some value, negating my efforts to quickly make changes.

Is there a way to modify multiple options without influencing other options? Thanks in advance.

PS, making the shells/components unique does not help

I’m not sure I understand what you are describing.

Could you upload one or two example DCs, and explain how we can see for ourselves the problem when you change options?

I will upload an example when I’m back at my computer later. Let me try to explain it better. Imagine kitchen cabinets, where each one is a box hung on the wall beside/above/below each other. Different sizes and positions, but the same SU model, copied or dragged in separately.

Now, they all have 2 attributes with drop-down boxes: material (m_whi) & doors on/off (t_door). I’ve placed them where I want them, selected half of them, and turned on doors for them with one action. Now, the customer wants to see them in wood, so I select them ALL and change m_whi from white to maple. When it finishes thinking, t_door will be set to all or none having doors.

I understand why this happens, but I could really use a solution. My models are much more involved, so simple workarounds probably aren’t the solution. The best I have right now is to have designers do each individually, maybe even forcing them to click into a sub component to make their changes so they don’t accidentally lose or redo important details. Help me out, folks!

(Example to follow later tonight)

Selecting multiple components with identical attributes and changing one option messes up the others, and I’d like it to not do that

You need to use ruby to achieve this.
have you started looking into using ruby in conjunction with your DCs?

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