Dashed lines around model instead of solid

Downloaded this warehouse model from SK Warehouse and can’t seem to figure out how to turn the dashed lines to solid. “Dashes” is unchecked within the Styles/Edit window. Where else must I look to correct this?


Post the model or the model location in the 3d Warehouse.

Is “Hidden geometry” turned on? When making 2D image cutouts like plants and people, the surrounding edges are usually hidden. Is this a 2D “billboard” too?


Thank you for your response and help. Hidden geometry was turned on; when I turned it off the dashes went away. (Screenshot) However, how do I get solid lines to appear around my geometry though? Profiles and edges are check marked inStyles/Edit window.

If those dashed edges disappeared when you turned off view hidden geometry that is proof that they are (duh!) hidden! You need to unhide them to make them visible.

Triple-click the thing with the Select tool (SPACEBAR) to select all connected entities, Right-click > Unhide.

Got it. Thanks all!