D5 Renderer

Has anybody tried this new Renderer?

It is real time, quality seems at least as good as Enscape and Twinmotion, and is free (for now at least).

www.d5techs.com (direct download link: https://cn2.asset.d5techs.com/update/setup/D5_Render_installer-cn2-latest.zip )

Tutorials here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMBBExNMw9ZsTZ1DxrTpvEA

Unfortunately, like TwinMotion, this one also doesn’t seem to be compatible with 3DConnexion Space mouse, which is a major con for me.

I try it. It’s awesome Engine, But the Software need some minimum hardware requirements.
And you can import your Sketchup Model directly to the render engine.
You can try the new beta version from the D5 Render community users :
D5 Render Download 1.4 Beta Version : https://d5ruser.com/

Which do you think is better? TwinMotion or D5?