D5 Render 2.2 | New features with SketchUp

Hi dear SketchUp community,

We are so glad to announce that D5 Render 2.2 is released, and this time, we do a lot of works to improve the workflow of SketchUp and D5 Render. Our aim is to be the best rendering engine for SU, hope you like it.

  • Kepp skp models’ original coordinates in D5 Render
  • Open or import skp2022 model files directly in D5 Render
  • Optimize the sync logic between SketchUp and D5, to achieve the best realtime rendering experience (Live sync)

For more details, welcome to view our release notes: What’s new in D5 Render 2.2 - News - D5 RENDER FORUM

Free Download D5 Render and D5-SU plugin, give it a try and you will like it. https://www.d5render.com/download


Does anyone have any experience of using D5? It’s not a renderer that gets much mention on the forum (or am I wrong?).

Looks like there is even a free version, although no access to assets so it may be of limited use perhaps.

People talk about it a lot on YouTube, they recommend it under Lumion, Twinmotion videos. I’m thinking about downloading it myself since I’ve seen some nice renderings of it https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDHysmj0sz0gQXvjjyUHGWg This one looks cool

D5 tops it for me, even the library is big, and its growing, it’s even surpassing Lumion 12 for assets, and yes Twinmotion has a big library from Quixel but its mainly materials, not as many models for architectural rendering.
Besides, D5 is not expensive as others, and free assets are powerful enough. Some of my friends just use the free version. I think they do not do a lot promotion job yet, but they are heading towards the right direction. ( I am a beta tester since 1 year ago)
You could see, every category has plenty of free assets

But no access in free version?

When I last compared it to Twinmotion, Indigo, Podium, VRay, the only one that was more expensive than D5 was Twinmotion but, even then, not if you were able to take advantage of a 50% discount on offer at the time. Given that VRay seems to be the one I have seen most often referred to, that seems to be a tad cheaper than D5. However, it’s an arms race out there and seems to be a healthily competitive market.

You need a RTX GPU for D5 but it’s great. It is simple to use and very nice. I have a Titan X with 12Gb and it used to be supported, that’s not the case anymore.

With an RTX GPU, there are a lot of options but D5 seems one of the strongest.

I believe D5 is Windows only.

You’re not wrong.

Oh well, I can exclude it from my list then.

D5 Render is amazing.
It only took 2 mins to output a 4K image, and 20 mins to output a 10s video with 4k res.
And it’s Free to use. Just download it from the official site. Crazy.


another work with D5

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alright, I know they will support more graphic cards from AMD and Intel, but RTX support is needed, sry I did not notice the gpu you use.

You are D5 Render official? Glad to see you here and the efforts that you are trying to let more people know D5, I hope you can keep posting updates here because SketchUp community is really nice and suitable for you guys as well.
I believe D5 can be a strong competitor (maybe you already are), after comparing several renderers with RTX acceleration, D5 is the best for me. Here is a video I saw in our chat group, to show you how to import a skp model in D5 then render a job in a few hours. Easy and efficient, good job!

nao zipa
BIB_projeto_APRES_01.skp (4.5 MB)
BIB_APRESENTA_01.layout (6.0 MB)

BIB_APRESENTA_01.layout (6.4 MB)
nao zipa

BIB_APRESENTA_01 (2).layout (6.1 MB)

BIB_APRESENTA_01.layout (9.8 MB)
BIB_projeto_APRES_01.skp (4.5 MB)
Vivi, versao apresentada semana passada.

BIB_projeto_APRES_01.skp (4.5 MB)
BIB_APRESENTA_01.layout (9.7 MB)