D5 render materials

Hi, is here someone who is using D5 render? When I want to adjust materials there is many options like spectacular, normal etc. I dont know what does it? Thank you

Check out the D5 User manual

I guess you meant specular, haha. Unlike sketchup the materials that are used to make renders have different maps, PBR material usually have at least 3 maps, color, roughness and displacement or height, but there are more like specular, metaness, refraction, emission, ambient occlusion and some others that I don’t remember now depending on the material. When you download a pbr material it comes in a folder with all those maps, they’re images of different colors, I haven’t used D5 in a while, but in twinmotion you have to load the maps on the place they belong. If you want to know what does every map do you can google PBR materials maps explanation, it’s not complicated at all, and you can also play with the values of the preloaded material and see what does every map do.

You have to decide if you want a normal or a spectacular material for your project.

Specular is related to shininess. The higher the more reflective a material becomes.

Normal is related to the surface texture of a material.

You need to either know how to create these maps or search or free or paid materials with this kind of maps for download.