Cutting plane glitch: model complexity? Layers?



I’m having a problem, I made an edit and abruptly I’ve got a problem I haven’t seen for a couple years (I don’t use SU very often though). It’s the one where there’s something like an invisible cutting plane in some kind of relation to the viewer, as I rotate and move the model it cuts it (like a section plane) in different and weird places. I don’t remember what causes this, and I can’t backtrack my edits to eliminate the problem, even though I know almost exactly when it started (deleting some sections of cylindrical components). I know I’ve seen this many times before, but I can’t remember the solution (or if I ever found one) and I am apparently not thinking of the right search terms here. Thanks for any help. I would attach the file but I don’t see how… guess it’s not my day.

Erm, I seem to have just fixed it by opening up the component, and checking that all the basic elements were on Layer 0, which they were. I didn’t do anything, but when I popped back out, the problem seems to have gone away. This does not make me more confident… I’m still interested in hearing anything about this problem. It’s haunted me badly before, typically right at a deadline.


Look up “clipping” in the Knowledge Base.



Thanks. Sorry for missing that.