Cutting list for woodworking project

Still learning about SU!
So, I managed to draw a trellis onto an imported photograph of an external wall of our house.
The picture is scaled to actual size, and the whole trellis is dimensioned.
Is there a way in SU itself, or via an extension, to run off a cutting list of the various parts that make up the trellis? I am still learning here big time, so did not make only of the parts a group or component.
Any help, ideas really appreciated!


Yes. There is. Go to the Extension Warehouse and install CutList. Then you should be able to run that on your model and get the info you want.

If your trellis has angled parts, you’ll want to make sure the axis orientation of all the components is aligned with the edges. Otherwise, you’ll get incorrect dimensions.

This blog post is old but it’s still current info.

Thanks for your really quick reply!!!


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You’re welcome. Drop me a pm if you need some personalized assistance with it.