"cutting" diagonal boards for flooring


I’m in a bit of a spot! I’m Trying to “cut” through a bunch of diagonal boards making up the sub-floor of a home, the boards were made using a dynamic component at 45 degrees to the floor plan. The only way so far has been to make each component unique and cutting to dimension (all 132 of them!). I’m sure there is a better method!
Thanks for the help



You should post the model (or at least provide the component in question) to let interested Forum members see what you are working with. Some member of this community will then be in a better position to assist you.


I think this is an application in which a DC might not be the best option.

If you used a non-dynamic solid component for the boards, you could use a solid cutting box at each to trim the boards at 45° Using Trim from the Solid Tools. Like all of the Solid Tools, it’ll convert each board into a group and in effect make each board unique.


I agree with jvleearchitects about posting a model.

I’d add to that the question: Where is all this going?.. Are you looking to trim all of them?.. or might this Cutting be for purposes of obtaining a cross section of sorts?

If it’s for purposes of a cross section of sorts, then maybe I have something for you…

Sort of a hidden feature of the Section Plane…

Right click on it… Create a group from Slice… select that group… and move.

You end up with a set of outlines that ‘might’ be useful for something, or can initiate some other process. ???


If For Purposes of trimming then maybe the following will work…

Group DC Components Together,… and Choose ‘Outer Shell’ from the right click menu.

Make your Cutting shape a Solid ( Group or Component ) before using the Solid Tools Subtract option.

A Couple of Warnings!!

  • I don’t know what sort of havoc this will cause to your DC’s. So be careful on this one. It’s quite possibly a terrible idea if DC Integrity is necessary afterwards.

  • I also didn’t test this with 132 Components,… in case that’s not so obvious.


This is how I would do it; using groups rather than components. laminate floor.skp (171.5 KB)

Basically laying and cutting each plank as you would IRL
If it was solely for visual aesthetics then you could dramatically shortcut the process - make a big “sheet” of planks that would cover the area, rotate it and trim all the planks in one go. (I would do this to the side of the model, group it, then move it back into place.)


And even more simply use a texture image of a plank floor and rotate that 45 degrees.