Cutting an oval window in a model?

I’m a self taught sketchup-er. I’m struggling with a model of a fire place that is basically an egg shaped vessel that has an oval cut out for a viewing window and a square base. I’ve attached a couple pdf’s of what I have so far. I was able to cut an oval on one of my models but the cut out was not the size I needed. If anyone can guide me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

milo fire place front.pdf (65.1 KB)
milo fire place removable back.pdf (71.0 KB)

You’ve drawn the ‘egg’.

Draw a circle in front of it, the diameter of the smaller dimension of the oval hole you want.

Use the scale tool, scaling about centre, to turn the circle into an oval.

Push pull the oval through the front of the egg, then select all, and Intersect Faces with context to create the hole edge.

Delete the surplus geometry.

If you want the ‘egg’ to have thickness, you have more choices to make.

You could use Fredo’s JointPushPull extension and the Thickener option is one of the simplest.

Or you could make the egg first, scale a copy of it to create the thickness you want, then repeat creating the oval cylinder and Intersect faces again on the double skinned egg.

Use View/Face style/X-ray to see inside while you are working.

You will need to re-orient the faces to get white outside faces everywhere (R-click/Orient faces).

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Here’s a method using solid tools.
Egg fire

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Another use of solid tools to create a ‘window’ and a ‘hole’ that fit together.

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Got it thank you ALL!

milo fire place front.pdf (72.2 KB)