Cutting a hole in a cylinder

Hi all

I am trying to cut a hole in a cylinder but I am struggling even after watching a few youtube videos and reviewing forum questions. I have pulled a cylinder at 90deg through the cylinder I want to cut. I believe I should then be able to erase as required but I can’t seem to get the hole to stick. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

1st draft for ILS trough.skp (106.6 KB)

I’m unable to look at your model at the moment but at a guess.
First scale your model up by 10 or 100, I’m guessing it is quite small at the moment.
I would probably center the second cylinder a bit more, or at least make sure it is going all the way though to the inside.
Then most important of all, you need to select both of them and from the right click context menu choose Intersect faces with selection, this will created the edges needed to remove the parts you don’t want. Assuming this is all raw geometry.

I don’t know which videos you’ve looked at but this one works and is well-explained. I hope it’s of use.

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