Cutlist Question

Hi Everyone,

I am doing a cut-list for a project that I am working on and I am using Cut-list version 4. My question is I am using 1x2 board and I want to generate a cut-list for that dimension but the lowest board size 4" x 8’ when I want to use 2" wide (1 1/2") x 8’… I know I can use nominal sizes for the thickness… but I cant seem to input 2" wide board.

Can this be done

Well, not without editing the script which would take someone familiar with Ruby script.

How does one do that??

How’s your Ruby scripting?

Never mind then, be quicker doing my own cutlist

Those settings only affect the layout part of the extension and not the actual cutlist. Generally the layout for boards isn’t all that useful anyhow since you’ll likely have to cut around defects like knots and bad grain spots.

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That’s exactly true that is why I am only going to use the cutlist layout on plywood parts… Thanks Dave

I hope you are having a great summer!!

Thanks. Yes. summer is good but going too fast. How’s yours?