Cut-through window and door components

my number one wish for many years is for “cut opening” to work for solid objects. I realize sketchup objects aren’t really solid, but still it should be possible to make cut-through objects that is set to cut also through any other face behind it within a specified depth range, so that creating walls with depth didnt involve making separate holes to but alone-standing components for windows into. Obviously this feature would require the objects to also display depth that corresponded to the depth of the wall it cut through.

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There’s an extension that will cut opening in thick walls.


A cutting volume instead of the current cutting plane.

I agree, it would be great to have this as a native feature.

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thanks. I should have known this …

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Fat Faces (faces with thickness) were a feature I saw demoed in a video from the first ever SketchUp Basecamp. But it never was released. Perhaps because Google bought SketchUp.

To me, “fat faces” means solid modeling rather than surface modeling.

I’d just like a native way of telling OpenGL to create opening objects wherever a hidden volume crosses a face plane.

It probably would have been something like “sort of” solid. A “slab” type object (a shape plus thickness) is usually the basis of every architectural software. Archicad, for instance, uses surface modelling but has “walls” and “slabs” that are basically just faces with thickness (or with additionally internal layers). I guess that a slab type object is computationally less demanding than a solid that can be defined in a zillion ways.

FlexTools does this, though I find it easy to break the system. It is capable of defining what to cut with and not cut with. For example, a nut and bolt can cut a whole with bolt part but ignore the head, washer and nut when making the whole. Same thing for a window by allowing you to leave the interior and exterior trim out of the cutting operation.