Void Object geometry


It would be interesting if Sketchup had a void type object. An object that will cut through other geometry automatically similar to the void forms in other CAD programs regardless of which component it is in. This would simplify the work flow for cutting holes out for windows etc through complex wall constructions.

Voids would give us more options to create interesting work flows.

Also why does the topic title have to be 15 characters?

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That’s already an option in SketchUp and it has been for a long time. If the “void” shape is a solid, you can use the Solid Tools but you can also make complex cuts with non-solids, as well.

You could even create custom shapes and save them as components to use for cutting openings.

I don’t know why the title has to be 15 characters long.

Yeah I know we can use solid tools to cut two shapes out from one another. I should have detailed my explanation a lot more.

What I would like is to:

1 - Create a wall assembly from 3 different solids (exterior lining, structure, internal lining) all in one group/component.
2 - Create a window component (dynamic or otherwise) that I can place on the wall assembly and have it automatically cut through all 3 solids that make up that wall without having to explode the window or wall in anyway.
3 - Be able to move the window around the wall surface and have it retain its cut information.

I figured that the easiest way for this to work would be a void cut object similar to the one in Revit that we could create inside a component and have it automatically cut any other component it intersects with.

As far as I know this type of automatic functionality isn’t yet possible in Sketchup. We have to create void cut components within the wall components etc which makes moving windows, or using wall components more difficult.
But if I have missed a workflow for this I would love to be wrong!

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You might find Fredo’s Visuhole useful.

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anything from the Sketchup team regarding this feature?

to me should be like this …you create the volume put it in place in your component…right click and then you select it as a “void” …and in view, I would have an option as well as toolbar to display or hide those voids and under properties the option to activate/deactivate it per object and maybe a generic icon for on/off all the voids.

I just tried Double-cut plug-in but it doesn’t work with sections.