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I am drawing a garden shed. I make each object into a component as I go. I have started putting sheathing on the walls. I am using sheaths that have grooves modeled into them. Each sheet is a component. When I get to the corner the sheet hangs over. Is there any way to simply cut off this part of this instance of the component? Next I will want to sheath the gables and make angled cuts in the sheathing as well. LBC10.skp (671.1 KB)

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i’m facing the same problem, cant make A Cut in Component



“Make Unique” the component you want to cut.



Yes, I believe that this solves my problem. I am just wondering, now, how I would get an accurate count of sheets needed from my list of components, since there will obviously be 10 or more unique components for this sheet stock. If someone has some thoughts or ideas of a plug-in that would help me, I would appreciate that. Thank you



I’d use the Cutlist extension if I wanted that information. It’s available in the Extension Warehouse.



In most situations, cladding direction is opposite of the framing…



Except when the cladding is a plywood or other sheet product as used by the OP, here.

Horizontal grooves would collect rain water.

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True, though the component in the model is named “LPSMARTSIDE”, which according to their website, is a panel product meant to be installed with the grooves vertical.

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‘If it is not wood, it’s no good!’

I did not realised it was a fake product…:smiley:

Even plywood has an odd number of glued sheets, thus being stronger in a certain direction (usually the length). Chipwood has no obvious direction, but when tongued and grooved, the long direction of the sheet is better placed across the supporting beams or styles.



I notice that I am 6 days late with this answer, but thought it good to let you know a little about this product. It is true that this is LP Smartside, a product that I have used for several years on my garden sheds with no negative results. The test will come with the years, though. It is a chipwood of the type OSB (Oriented Strand Board) so there is a direction to the wood fibers in the sheet. These means, of course, that it is stronger in one direction. It has a shiplap rather than a tongue and groove. The panels are meant to be installed vertically as DaveR said. In this case, the sheets are long enough to reach from the floor system all the way to the top plate, so there is no strength issue. At the expense of sounding like a salesman, I will say that this product has been treated (as have other LP products) and is very resistant to moisture. It has a 5 year full and 50 year pro rated warranty as far as delamination/product integrity is concerned.

Thank you again. It seems like half of a good program is a good source of help for the program. I see that this forum promises many good things.

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