Cut a doorway through a dome using Solid Tools


I’m trying to model a dome home with a door arch cut into it and I’ve seen a tutorial showing how to cut out the sphere for the doorway – possibly – by using solid tools.

My problem at the moment is that the sphere, which has it’s base trimmed off, isn’t a “solid” object according to solid tools.

So I’ve found Solid Inspector 2 and I’ve pointed it at my dome and it found a number of issues I didn’t understand but it fixed all but two of them.

These two are “Surface Borders” around a “surface or hole in the mesh”. I’m none the wiser for that info I’m afraid.

Can anyone show me how to investigate where these “borders” are and show me how to “manually close the mesh”?

The two groups that I’m trying to intersect are called “Door Arch” and “Dome” in the outliner.

Thanks in advance.


BarnConversion copy.skp (3.7 MB)

There are tiny holes at the top of the dome. If you set the face style to X-ray and select the problem line in Solid Inspector2, Tab will take you to them.

It’s interesting that the holes are slightly off the blue axis. I would have expected looking at your model initially that the center of the dome would be centered on the blue axis. The fact that it isn’t leads me to think there was an alignment problem with your path for Follow Me. I’m assuming that’s how you made the dome.

Thank you so much for the blisteringly quick reply, Dave!

I’ve followed your guidance and can see a hole right next to the blue axis. The other problem seems to be a red circle though, not a hole. At least I can’t see through it!

I’m a bit of a novice and so I don’t know how to close these holes up. Do I draw a circle in them or something?

You’re welcome. There are two holes. One in the outside surface (on top in my screen grab) and one inside. The inside one is the highlighted one. If you hit Tab again it will go to the other one.

To fix the holes open the group for editing and get the Line tool. Trace an edge segment for each hole. That ought to close up the holes. Make sure face orientation is correct when the faces form. White front faces out.

Thanks Dave,

Much appreciated.

Not sure what you meant by, “Trace an edge segment” but I edited the group and started to draw a line from one point on the edge to another and the hole filled in. So I guess that’s what you meant :slight_smile:

Now the solid inspector says I’m golden.

Many thanks.

It’s late here so I’ll try the solid tools tomorrow.


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Exactly that.