Cannot fix surface borders or internal face edges with solid inspector

I am new to sketchup and I am trying to trim the tubes sticking out with the solid tools but Sketchup says my drawings are not solids so I downloaded solid inspector just to find out its riddled with issues :c

shed(4) (1).skp (1.2 MB)

The entire model is loose geometry. You ne4ed to have groups and/or components of the parts to be considered solids and to use the Solid Tools.

It would be a good idea to spend some time learning how to work with components and groups. Start with

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Solid Inspector 2 can’t fix surface borders and internal face edges because there are usually multiple possible answers and it has no way to choose among them. You have to fix them manually. I see DaveR is also replying. He may have advice on how to repair them in this specific model.

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Would the solution be easier and quicker to start over? This is for uni therefore deadline

Probably it would be faster and easier to start over.

Thank you :confused:

This still needs work. The roof needs some structure and there’s surely some missing details but compare my version to yours… I don’t quite understand what your intent is with the roof structure so I left a lot of it out. I also made the roof transparent so you can see inside more easily.
shed for Gabriela.skp (531.9 KB)

omg, thank you so much.
Ill compare things over

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The edge making the apex of the inside skin of the roof (inverted V shape) is exactly the same edge as the apex of the outer skin of the same roof (half circle shape). This is not really possible in real world.

The framing is different from one side to the other.

You have internal faces at the top of two of the columns.

In real life, you will need more framing elements to insure that the structure is sufficiently resistant. For example, you have no bracing to prevent sideway movements. Unless you provide some attachments like those used for a tent, such a structure cannot withstand much wind.

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