Customizable tagging options

Label works ok for notes but for construction documents, we need something similar to labels but you could modify what info is going to extract from the component so you don’t have to pick it every single time when you tag something, adding graphics (circles, lines, etc) and the option to hide the arrow. With this feature, one could create Tags only for windows, doors, furniture, Interiors, etc with your own graphic representation.




This could be as simple as the call out recognizing the instance feature of a component or group. I may have several windows of type C-AC2-3054, but each one is unique by where it is in the building (1), (4), (6), (24), etc. But I’ve noticed that the call out gets confused as to what the arrow is connected to. Too often I point to HSS2x2x1/4 and the Label Text gives me “Edge, 34 13/32” … meh.

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