Custom Style for Greyscale + Materials

Hello, I am looking for a style that can show materials in greyscale for details in layout. Does this exist? Thanks! Heather

You can set the face style to Shaded which overrides textures with solid color representations, but there is no style that will convert textures to greyscale.

You can edit individual textures via the edit function of the materials pallet. Right click to choose edit and once in edit mode switch to the sliders control and select grayscale sliders from the overhead menu. set the level of grayscale then close the editor. This is applied in realtime to all existing instances of that texture in the model. The modification is non destructive (original version is retained) and can be undone by re entering edit mode and choosing reset.

This will replace the existing texture, not something controllable by scenes so perhaps best done in a separate version of the model and attached to Layout as an independent file.

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hmmm I would have alot of materials to update… Would there be a way to create a custom style to do this?

No. This is replacing the existing texture.

Thanks! I am looking for a style… but maybe this is what I will have to do… Thanks!

It’s not possible to do this with a style.

Thanks! Glad I know. I can now just dig in to endlessfix’s solution. Thanks!

Thanks! I am going to try this out. I appreciate the help!

Why don’t you just use the Greyscale plugin?


the one you shared before!? It sounded like it was no longer working…

I only wrote it hasn’t been updated and I didn’t know if it still worked. I finally got a minute to try it and it does work just fine in 2021. I even replied to you in the other thread with an example.

ah! got it. Pardon me I missed that notification… Thank you SO much for taking the time to mention that… ! I really do appreciate it!