Custom drop down text for Layout?

I love the new auto-sequence text in Layout, but it got me thinking of other things that might be useful in speeding up our workflow …

I’m wondering if it might be possible to create a text label that contains a drop down of possible alternatives.

For example - on every page of our template it says either PLAN, ELEVATION, INTERNAL ELEVATION or ELEVATION AND INTERNAL ELEVATION. It’s a pain retyping it, and resizing the text box accordingly. I’d like to be able to click on ELEVATION and then just select and alternative like INTERNAL ELEVATION from the drop down.

Another example - “Fixed shelves” could be changed to “Adjustable shelves” or “Adjustable shelves unless otherwise indicated” or “External shelves fixed. Internal shelves adjustable”. As you can see - it would save me a lot of typing and fiddling around!

Ideally the text options would still be available even if the text was on a locked layer. That would help us ensure consistency of language across multiple designers, and ensure that critical notes are not missed off.


Here’s a thought on how to do something similar using LayOut and and Excel spreadsheet.

Create an Excel spreadsheet with multiple sheets, where each sheet is titled with your text (PLAN, ELEVATION, etc.), and in the first cell of each sheet is the same text that you want displayed in LayOut:

Import the spreadsheet into LayOut and position/style as required for your document.

Right click the imported table → Excel Reference Options → Select the Excel sheet with the text you want displayed on that particular LayOut sheet:

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That sounds like a clever fix. Thank you. If the SketchUp Team doesn’t think this would be worth the development time that looks like a good solution. Would you still have to resize the text box though?

I haven’t tested it a whole lot, but it seems like the table cell resizes automatically to fit the length of the text, but you may want to to some testing to see if it works for your setup.

Formatting the text inside Excel it might work best. If you right click on the table and “Size>Columns to Fit” or “Size>Rows to Fit” the automatic resizing seems to get lost? YMMV

Nice one. Thanks

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