Using Excel table with autotext

It would be very helpful if you could use an excel table to import in layout autotext table.
E.g. i would have some translation from technical special terms to coustomers “easy” description,
I could just switch between these. I just need a conversion table for translation, in Layout I can enter
and assign it a .
Or I could make some calculations, then I could use in Layout
the and the .

I hope it is understandable, what I mean…

Do you know about it?
LAYOUT SKETCHUP - Tập 4: Thiết lập Autotext - YouTube

No I don’t,
but unfortunately, I don’t understand anything of your presentation ;), I am good in English,
German, Italian, but unfortunately your language is am mistery for me :frowning:

Sorry for my post before, this video was not yours, now I understand…
And I completely support you for freedom in Ucrain, I was there in 2005, such a beautiful country and
friendly people! It breaks my heart to see what is happening!
May the Ucrain be as soon as possible again free and peaceful!

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