Curviloft - What does viewport mean?



Hi everybody.

I’m doing some tries with curviloft extension and I often gets this window

And I’m not able to exit and return to the standard options viewer

So I wonder why Escape (I guess it’s ESC in my keyboard) doesn’t work.
And I wonder what viewport means, that way I can try clicking on it to exit as the yellow message says.

Thanks in advance.


the SU viewport is the window you draw in…

ESC depends on how your operating system handles it to work which is why Fredo offers both…



Thank you @john_drivenupthewall

In that case I remember to click on the SU viewport and nothing happened.
I will try next time when it happens again.


It doesn’t work for me, I only have been able to fix it restarting sketchup.
I’ll keep trying to figure out why it happens.


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