Curviloft problema

I have a problem with cuviloft, I’ve never used it, but if it’s already expired, all I have to do is buy it?

It would appear that your trial period has ended. Yes you will need to purchase a license to continue using the extension.

The “License…” item in its submenu item under Tools… will allow you to buy [obtain] and then validate the license…
Or try the Help on Licensing… or Manage License… buttons in the dialog you showed… they are there for a reason !
There will also be a ‘bundle’ option to license a block of Fredo’s extensions en masse, at a much reduced cost. Also if you have a Premium membership at SketchUcation you get 40% off these purchases, as well as many ‘freebies’ in the Shop etc…

Also ensure you have the latest SketchUcation Toolset [v4.2.5] which has the latest licensing code in it, and Lib Fredo…

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ok gracia