Current Layer Radio Button

Continuing the discussion from Download Leica total station points into sketchup pro 2015:

**… in which it was said to never set any layer, except "Layer0"as the active layer …

That is not really true. Primitives need to go on Layer0.

But sometimes it is necessary to put other things like SectionPlanes, Text Notes, etc., on other Scene specific layers. If doing a number of them, it is faster to switch to the appropriate layer, rather than set the layer piecemeal via the EntityInfo dialog. The same goes for inserting components. If you’ll be inserting many doors onto a “Door” layer, switch to that layer and insert the components.

You can move a bunch of objects to a given layer at once using the layers toolbar.


Which then adds the step of selecting all that which you’ve just inserted, hoping you pick each one.

If the inserting required panning, orbiting and zooming in, place, zoom back out, repeat … repeat …, do you really think someone wants to go through all that again to pick each instance ? (Whoops they forgot to hold the CTRL key down, and lost the previous set, … start over agian, dang it.)

NO thank you.

Besides, the insertion layer can be changed mid-stream, as needed (say each floor had it’s own “Door” layer.)

If you’re going to postulate someone making errors, then nothing will ever work.