Curl a leaf?

I’ve created a 2D outline of a maple leaf. All of the vectors have been welded togther and so it is a face. I’m trying to curl up the edges of the leaf to make it 3 dimensional. I’ve been attempting this using the Sandbox tool. I’ve had success with this tool in starting a “terrain” from scratch, but cannot seem to create that grid within the confines of the leaf outline. Looking forward to your input. Thanks.

How large is the leaf shape?

You might find it easier to use Sandbox tools to create a rectangular grid, and shape that. Then drape the leaf onto it. If it’s a simple curl, you might try using Radial Bend in FredoScale to do it.


What if you push/pull that face and intersect it/drape it with/on a sphere or ovoid ? (With follow me tool , circle + arc.) Or any shape really

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As other folks have suggested there are many good ways to accomplish this depending on how complex a “curl” you are looking for. Here is a simple native tools method using intersect.


The Radial Bend in FredoScale was a super recommendation. Works really well! Thanks!

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Thanks endlessfix! This also works well and your demonstration was extremely helpful. Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

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