Curic New Extension: Recall Command

Curic Recall Command
Recall the last native tool or ruby command.

How to use it?

  • You need to set a shortcut for Recall Command and the shortcut key is " Space " to replace Selection Tool.

  • Pressing the Space key once to select Selection Tool

  • Double-press the Space key would recall the last command

SketchUp version: 2016+
OS Compatibility: Windows, macOS

Get the plugin here.

Hope you like it!


I have always thought this was a missing function in native SU, one that is common in other applications. So I am would like to try it out. But it looks like it is a paid for extension (though you do get to name your price). So no “try before you buy” option?

I think Curic is inviting you to name a fair price.

You could put in $0, try it and if it’s useful go back and get a ‘paid’ version…?
(don’t know if it’s possible to do that - go back that is)

Yes indeed. I’m torn because I would feel mean putting in something nominal like $1 if it proved as useful as I hope but I don’t really want to pay anything if I don’t find it useful. First world problem!

I know how you feel.

I’ve put in £0 for some of their plugins but I have DIO and some other plugins and I paid for their beta Pie Menu so I didn’t feel too mean…

Just come back and pay more later.

OK, so I’ve paid a nominal $1 for evaluation and can confirm that it does what it says on the tin.

It is probably asking too much, but I was rather hoping it might recall a command that uses a modifier key. A common task is copying using Move-Alt (on Mac). But the recall function only work son the Move part. Hey ho!

The Ruby API currently does not provide a way to detect command modifier locks for native tools, nor does developer guidelines propose a way for other extensions to gain this information from other author’s Ruby tools as they run.

So Dan, I think you’re saying that it’s not possible, however clever you are at coding!

Correct. Not currently with the API in any SketchUp version.

(But I did not speak to OS specific “hacks” that might “watch” the keyboard. Probably easier on Windows than MacOS. On the latter, AFAIK, it is treated as a security risk and may not be allowed depending upon the MacOS version.)

Uploading: Test.mp4…

Thank you very much for the plugin, but it has a bug, you need to fix it after a long time using the plugin, the context menu of other plugins disappears