Curic Mirror v2 is available

Hi everyone,

Curic Mirror has been updated to version 2.0 after a long wait since the release of version 1. This update brings many new features and bug fixes to enhance usability.

One standout feature in version 2 is the Pin Mirror Plane

Mirror2 - PinPlane

Now, you can easily pin Mirror Planes onto objects and use them as hotspots. This feature is useful when combined with the Overlay feature, as it transforms your objects into “Dynamic Objects”.
Additionally, any Mirror Planes you add to an object will be saved when you save it in your components library. You also can control the Mirror Plane through Dynamic Component Attributes.

The New Preview is more intuitive and user-friendly.

Mirror2 - New Preview

Mid Between Two Points
This feature will assist you in quickly determining the Mirror plane in situations where you might lack the necessary entities to pick a plane.

Mirror2 - Mid between 2 points

Midpoint of Edge is another option that helps you identify the Mirror Plane more quickly and accurately.

For more information about the features, please check out videos on YouTube.

Lastly, Curic Mirror 2 supports SketchUp versions from 2017 and is free.

You can download it here.

Let’s check it out!


What is the fastest method to identify a mirror plane in a 2D Camera?



This is a great tool Curic – purchased.

However, I was hoping to use it in my dynamic door component but the Pin Last Mirror Plane does not appear to be saved when I insert the component.

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