Curic Mirror extension -- cannot mirror sloped object

If anyone has experience using Curic Mirror with sloped objects, I am trying to mirror a sloped roof plane (model attached) without success. The inferences are all over the place and I cannot find the right plane to mirror from.

Also, if you can share effective way to mirror this object using native Sketchup that would also help. CuricMirror_sloped_object.skp (77.9 KB)

You need to give it a reference face for the mirroring.

You could also copy and use Flip Along.

Mirror, flip, scale to -1

Two great solutions. Thanks!

Those look like great solutions. Thank you for providing the animation!

You’re welcome.

You might find it useful to set up keyboard shortcuts for the nine Flip Along commands.

Will do. Thanks.

Just pick and drag at a point :wink:

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With Flip, in Curic Mirror you can use arrow keys corresponding to 3 colors with the axis at the object when you use the tool

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Hi, thanks for responding. On the attached model, I selected a grouped object, a sloping plane, then activated CuricMirror. When I press option and then right arrow to lock red axis a flipped copy of the group is generated on top of the selected group.

Is there a way to generate a copy that is mirrored to the existing copy around an axis, similar to the Mirror tool in CAD?

Other users on the forum said that I can create a reference face on the desired axis and then mirror around that, but that requires creating extra reference geometry in the model that must be deleted afterward.

Thanks for taking a look. -sevinroadCuricMirror_sloped_object.skp (77.9 KB)

You don’t need to create any other geometry, just use Ctrl + click-hold-slide in the desired direction and you have made the mirrored object.

Thanks! Now I see what Curic was saying about grab point and drag.