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Good morning.

I have been using SketchUp for ipad for a few months now and really like it. Only thing is I am having a hard time finding any resources to help with I creating a cut list for my furniture pieces. Does anyone have any ideas or help for this option regarding SketchUp for ipad?

maybe you’ll like it
SketchUp CNC WoodWop Tu 3HK - YouTube

Interesting. Does t work with SketchUp for iPad?

What operating system are you using? Your profile contains bogus information.

Unfortunately there’s no implementation of Ruby for SketchUp on the iPad so the various cut list extensions are a no-go for you. I don’t know of any apps that would look at the components in your SketchUp file and automatically generate a cutlist for you. Could be useful but I’mm not sure it’s even possible. Might need to upgrade to SketchUp Pro so you have access to the desktop version for things like cutlists. It would also give you LayOut so you can create shop drawings to go along with the cutlists.