Creating, turning off layers in SketchUp Pro 2017


have sketchup pro 2017 in macbook pro, imported a model into sketchup 2017 for my Dell, windows 10, Layers on the Dell has no way to turn layers off or on, nor anyway that I can find to create a new layer. I have hunted everywhere to turn this feature on, I see the layers, just can’t do anything with them… What am I missing here???


Did you look at the Layers window in the Default tray?


yes, thank you… somehow I had created a separate window for layers that only listed the layers and nothing more. I deleted that window and now I can not recreate it. I do see layers in the default tray and also in additional trays if I wish to create them. But I can’t create a floating window for layers as before. Is that possible???


Just go to Window>Manage Trays and select the Default tray. Then tick the box for Layers.

Starting with SU2016, the utility windows are in trays. You can make a new tray with just the Layers window and position it wherever you like. If you want it covering your model as in the old days, you can do that. Frankly I prefer to not have the utility windows covering parts of my model and prefer to leave the tray on the right side in its default location.


Window > New Tray…

Give it a name (mine is named “Organize”), then check the Layers panel (mine also has “Scenes” panel on it.)

Then move the new tray wherever you wish or dock it to which ever side you wish.

Ref the Users Guide: Arranging dialog boxes and trays