Creating start points

when connecting lines in a square to make it all 1 line
how do i get the start point so its not in the corner

Can you rephrase your question ?

Do you want to make a square from center instead of a corner ?

If this is so, look at the status bar below the modelling window. You shall see this text: “Select first corner. Option = Select center”

This means that you must click the Option key (on Mac) and I think it is Alt on Windows to toggle the drawing mode between “corner” and “center”. Press the Option or Alt key again to toggle it back to the other mode.

Your post makes no sense.

Do you mean that you want to weld them into a single entity?

If by start point you mean where you started drawing from, that would normally be a corner.

Maybe show us something visual so we can help better.

door.skp (79.8 KB)
drawing should explain what i mean

I already tried that and it creates a vertex point on my router program but it still has the start point in
a corner. Is it possible to overlap those lines say 10mm at that point because I know that would fix it

Have a look at this square and see what your CNC says.
CNC path.skp (10.9 KB)

What software do you use to generate your toolpaths? Or do you just import the DXF directly to the CNC, and it generates the toolpath? I’m asking because most CAD to CAM software allow for many variables, ie: start point, ramping in and out of material, Direction of cut (“Climb” or “Conventional”), feed, speed, etc.

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sorry it took so long for me to answer back (was very busy)
anyway I’m using https://www.atoolsoftware
the way I want to do it is by putting that line in a certain layer and then the Atoolsoftware will
automatically make that cut with whatever bit i got assigned on that layer in Aspan
every thing works good except for the start point cannot be in the corner to cut door profiles
as of now Sketchup automatically puts the start point in a corner
all I would need to do is overlap the lines a little bit where I want the start point but I don’t know it that
is possible or not in Sketchup

this works good
how did you create the end points ? (I see they are thicker then the rest of the line)

Not a problem, I’ve been busy also, hence the late response. I’m not familiar with that software. Your link didn’t work for me but I found the company through a search. I haven’t had a chance to play with any of their products. It appears they allow you to edit vectors, so it would make sense that you can change the start points in their software. In the mean time it looks like Box has given you a good solution.