Creating, saving and then using components in assemblies

I only have SU Make, and design small assemblies for use in our Men’s Shed in Adelaide. Whilst I can produce components and manipulate them, once they are saved in SU, how can they be recalled in turn to build up and assembly?
Does each component have to be saved onto my computer separately? If this is the case, what is the use of the component dialogue box which appears in the ‘Make Component’ screen?

Hi , THis may help you


23saratoga, here’s a quick breakdown of how saving components works. When you create a new component, as soon as you click the “Create” button, the definition of the new component is saved internally within the larger model in a memory space called the In-Model collection. Once a component is created in a model, just click the In-Model button (house icon) to display all the components in the In-Model collection. To create a new instance of the component to use in the model, just drag it from the list of components in the In-Model collection. Unless and until you save the component in a permanent collection on disk, it resides in and is accessible only from the parent model. (NB: You can open a model as a collection, and the components it contains will then be accessible through the Component browser, but it’s much more typical to save a component intended for reuse in a collection on disk.)

You can save a component to disk, and place it in an existing or a new collection using right-click > Save As… or by opening multiple browser panes and dragging and dropping the component into the collection that is to be its new home.


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Apologies, but I’ve only just found this answer to my earlier question re Components. However, I can’t find the In Model button, where is it?
Incidentally, I do now draw and save components in a separate file and then import them when needed. I use the layers for dimensions etc. is this the correct way?


The In-Model collection button, marked with a house icon, is just to the left of the dropdown list of collections.

What is represented by “etc”?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Is what correct–using separate components or using layers for “dimensions etc”?


Hi Gully

Really appreciate your assistance.
When I create a component for use on a larger assembly, I draw the dimensions on a separate layer. This drawing, together with the dimensions, is used to make the component. However, when I import the component into the larger assembly I ‘turn off’ the dimensions such that they don’t clutter the assembly drawing.


Hi Gully

I’ve not been able to find the ‘house’ icon anywhere in my version of SU. I’ve only got the free downloaded version, however.


Hi Phil

Apologies, I’ve only just found this message. I’ve looked at the video and it has confirmed most of the techniques I had found by experimentation and pure luck! Thanks for the info.


Does this help, this is PC, Mac may be different but you haven’t told us which you have.
Strange, sometimes they animate, sometimes you have to click them to make them work.

I’m also using the free version. The Material browser, Component browser, and Style browser all have an In-Model collection, and all have the same button.


Either that, or just make a separate instance of each component to dimension and place them in their own scenes.


Yep, understand that too, thanks


Found it!!
Thanks, I now need to see how to get the components to enter my screen such that I can position them quickly, without having to search around for them, is there a video describing this?


In previous versions of SU I was able to drag a component from the in-model window into the primary component folder. This second window was opened by clicking on a down arrow in the Component tray title.

That capability seems to have been deleted so how do I now save a model?

It’s still there. What are you setting as the destination?

Mea culpa. I didn’t select the Home window first. Sorry and Thank you ,