Creating Engaging Site Analysis Plans LIVE | An Urban Design Workflow

Cartographers of the world unite!

In this live session, you’ll learn how to take GIS and OpenStreetMap data into SketchUp and LayOut to create beautiful, informative context maps.

Discover how to convey your design intent clearly (and attractively) with thoughtful site analysis plans.

Tune in to up your diagram game!


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That’s right! I do all my mapping and analysis in SU. It can be done!


A photo I took of Angel’s Flight the weekend after 3D Basecamp 2018.


Thanks everyone for tuning in today. We actually got some decent looking analysis and maps out of the process:

Happy Friday!


Many Thanks Eric, that was great! I am going to watch it a couple more times. All the best, Transom


So I tried uploading Qgis and my Mac wouldn’t allow it because of malware. Any suggestions on a clean download ?

You don’t want to upload QGIS. You want to download it. Once downloaded…by default, MacOS may play it overly safe and assume it’s Malware - that is if the security settings don’t recognize the developer. There is a setting in Privacy & Security that allows you to bypass this and install apps by ‘unknown’ developers. Use at your own risk of course but if you get an official GIS build from their website…you should be fine.

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