Dashed Arrows and Linework inside Sketchup

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone happened to know of an extension or process that is efficient when creating site analysis documentation inside of sketchup and layout. Currently we do all of our site analysis inside of photoshop and illustrator, but am looking to streamline the process and carry out our site analysis only with sketchup and layout for efficiency since that is where a lot of our early project documentation begins.

Attached are examples of what I am trying to achieve. My main goal is to figure out if it is possible to create bold circulation arrows like the examples directly inside of sketchup. Anyone know of any extensions or process to efficiently do this? I know I can do this in layout, but was hoping to find a way to incorporate the circulation arrows directly into sketchup so that the arrows sit in 3d space correctly.

Site Analysis 1

I’ve never seen an extension that would automatically create arrows like that but they wouldn’t be terribly difficult to model. If there was enough use for them I would make components for at least the arrowheads so they can be dropped into place and the components edited to connect them and add the bends as well as materials.

Profile Builder 3 extension


Hey Dave - I’m happy to see you’re still serving the community! Always great to hear from you. Thank you for the insight. I will see if I can devise an effective process to achieve this. It may not be feasible, but I’ve just been trying to figure out ways to minimize the amount of software we are using in the production pipeline.


Thanks Connor.

I’d forgotten about Profile Builder. That might be a good option.

Hi Mihai - Thanks so much! I absolutely did not even think about Profile builder. I have that extension and will go ahead and try this approach.