Creating door openings in 3D not working as intended

I’ve been working on my first floor plan in sketchup, now want to make it 3D. I’ve been following this YT guide: SketchUp Tutorial – How To Turn 2D Floor Plans into 3D Models (in 5 EASY steps) - YouTube.

In section 3, where he adds door openings, he pushes the doors from below the floor plan after creating a rectangle over the opening. When I do so, however, it doesn’t create an opening, just shows lines for where the door should be.

I can still remove these myself and create the opening that way, but it’s not efficient. I wonder what’s wrong in my plan to cause this problem. I’ll add that file to this topic as well.

I hope the picture adds correctly, but on the right here you can see the outline of where the door should be, this is what happens after pushing the rectangle I create from underneath the floor plan:

Test project.skp (126.3 KB)

that’s because you don’t have a face on ground level at the door location in the active context. You’ll feel like you’re going to push/pull one because there is a face on that spot that lies in the locked object but it will push/pull a vertical face instead.

Here’s what it looks like after deleting every faces in the locked imported plan, looking from below :

I’m not sure about the tutorial you’re working with. It has a tricky approach that can lead to mistakes

Check Scene 1 of the following SU file for a simple way to open such a door.

Check Scene 2 for a potential problem.

Test project.skp (199.8 KB)