Creating a stainless steel wire

I would like to create a realistic looking stainless steel wire.

My preference would be to apply a V-ray material to a rod I have created rather than create a complicated twisted wire model.

Has anyone done thi? or is there an simple extension for creating the wire?

Hello Mike

A v-ray material may be the handy way to go.
You can search “rope texture maps” on google and use it as displacement on v-ray.

or as u said… u can model it using follow me rotate extension (works up to SU16)
or… use my very own extension :upside_down_face: called Tax Engineering | SketchUcation .

It has a feature called “follow rotate scale” witch needs a profile (rope section in this case) and a path to follow.

Hope it helps you,

Thanks, much appreciated, I will check out the options

Still struggling to work this out, I’m not very capable in this area yet

What exactly are you still struggling with?

Create a seamless texture and use it as BUMP/DISP



That’s a great result. Would you be able to upload that material so I can see exactly how you created it. I cant seem to follow the information you posted. My thoughts are that my experience with V-Ray Materials and skill set in this area are letting me down


  • Google search for the seamless texture

  • or create your own in Gimp, Affinity Photo, Photoshop, etc.

  • with Materialize create HEIG, NORM, BUMP, etc… textures

  • choose one of the default V-Ray metal texture and apply it to the model

  • change the Binding texture wih the new one you created

  • use Fredo ThruPaint to correct the applied texture


  • add Displacement geometry in V-Ray to the group


  • you can remove the texture from inside the cylinder, it is not visible anyway


  • render the model


You also can add a Dome Light for better illumination and reflection.