Create a ribbed velvet material

Hello everybody. Could somebody help me how to create a ribbed velvet material ( for a chair like in the bellow imagine ) in vray for SketchUp ? thank you.

Do you want to create it from scratch or do you start from a seamless texture that you find online?

If you already have the texture, then you can create the other textures needed for the material PBR, NORM, HEIGHT, AO, etc, then add them to the respective slots. If you also need, you can add Displacement.

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I would like to create it from scratch. I don’t have the material, only the picture that i attached it allready.

If you want to create the texture from scratch, then you have a lot of programs available:

  • Blender
  • Substance Designer
  • Photoshop or alternatives - GIMP, Affinity Photo, etc…

From Blender or Substance Designer you will be able to generate directly all the necessary maps for the PBR material. Then in V-Ray just add them to slots.

But if that’s not what you meant by ‘from scratch’, then do a web search for ‘ribbed velvet’ and find a seamless texture to use.

Thnk’s for your help. Tomorrow i will look for it. Have a good day !