Creating a second Trimble ID: is it possible?

I have used my Google account for ages to activate Sketchup. This is linked to email A.

A few months ago I bought an educational license using my university email, for research purposes. This is email B.

When I try to activate 2022 using email B it always refers to the original account I have, linked to email A.

What should i do to create a new account linked to email B?


Open a private tab in the browser and try to sign in at
This time, fill in the email address and don’t use other options like the google or apple id.
If you bought it with the new email address, it might ask for a password, because when you ordered the educational plan, the reseller creates it for you on the fly in the ordering process.
If that happens, just start the ‘forgot password’ procedure.
Make sure you have access to the emailaddress inbox

Btw. If used for ages, why in need of an educational version?

If just trying to sign in with the new email, clear the browsers cookies and do the same as explained for the private tab (eg. don’t use Google or Apple sign in)

Thanks, Mike.

Btw. If used for ages, why in need of an educational version?
Very simple explanation: I needed a second copy so that my research assistants can work alongside me. I use my normal version (obtained with my non-university email) and they use the educational one.

I have a problem of opposite nature. I have 2 Trimble-IDs and want to merge them. Why? because I bought extensions from the store with both IDs due to being stooopid.

Can this be done as well?

One cannot merge two Trimble ID’s, because the sole and unique identifier is the email address. But ‘assets’ can be shipped to one.
Check this thread: