Conflict by starting up sketchup 2023 and trimble ID

I have a new sketchup 2023 licines.1. after trail of 8 day i have to buy it again.
2. my trimble ID is also not oke because it thus not show on my trimble account. can anyone help mee. I am training 8 days to make it work. HELP

Is it showing under the “plan” area in the trimble account?

How many times did you buy it?

How’s that?

Are you using the same email you used for buying the program? Where did you buy it?

No it is not.

Yes I have te same @mail adres . Do you know if i better use my oldt @mail. this @mail i used in 2017 for sketchup 2017.

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sketchup Pro 2023 is de only one after my sketchup 2017 in 2017

Do any of your email address end with