Creating a revolving book shelf

I am relearning SketchUp after a couple years of not using it. I worked up plans for a tiny house a couple years ago for a friend. A learning process for sure. Now, she is having me build an addition onto the house. I wish to install a revolving(secret) bookshelf that would lead into the new addition. Not having much luck figuring out how to animate it in SU. It needs to revolve around a central axis. I have SU 2015. Any leads or links to tutorials would be appreciated. Have done a few tutorials but something is not being done correctly. Thanks.

Are you trying to create a Dynamic Component that rotates?

You may only need to save one Scene with a copy of the bookshelf facing out, then another Scene with a copy of the bookshelf facing in. Then run a Scene animation with only those 2 Scenes included in an animation (an option available in the Scenes dialog.) See this Animation Round-Up for several tutorials.

Sounds right. Honestly, I am not 100 % sure what the term refers too. I did create a book shelf unit that I would like to make revolve around it’s center axis. The whole unit is a component.

Thanks for the info and Animation Round-Up link. Bookmarked for further reading. Like anything, I will figure it all out. Having fun learning. :slight_smile:

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