Creating a Pallet detail like this


I wanna design a Pallet detail like this: Screenshot by Lightshot

I think this is working with follow me. I am testing, but it doesn’t work. Anyone an idea how i can solve this problem?

I would draw the shape of the cut out area and intersect it with the “board”. Basically, draw the volume of space a cutter would pass through to make that relief. I’ll try make an example.

OK. Here’s a quick example.

  • On the left is the profile of the “cutter” and a path for it to follow. I used a triangle but you could make that whatever shape is needed.
  • After Follow Me, the extrusion is the volume that the cutter passes through.
  • Intersect it with the edge of the "board.
  • Delete the waste and correct the face orientation.

Here’s an example showing that same sort of detail done the same way.

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Hi Dave,

very nice. Thank you for your Support.

But some steps i don’t understand very well.

What i have done:

I draw the path an the cutter. I also used a triangle, like you.

What do you mean with: "Intersect it with the edge of the “board.” How do you do this?

Thank you very much!!

Move the “cutter” into place on the “board”. Then select all of the geometry of both, right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With Selection. After the intersections are made, erase the unwanted edges and faces. The chamfer left on the board is actually a portion of the “cutter”

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I have it! Thank you very much!

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