Making a "cut" to an existing model


I’m trying to “cut” the model of a pallet (found in Warehouse) using the posted instructions below. When I try Intersect Faces > With Selection (edited), I get this message.

There are two pallet models grouped together and a plane (I think) running through them where I want to cut.

What are the reasons this could be happening?

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Notice that in Box’s demo he selects intersect with selection, not with model. Give that a try.



Sorry, I typed the wrong thing. I tried it a lot of ways, including With Selection…I just keep getting the same message.


Your question relates to the basic fundamentals of sketchup.
There are many many tutorials, videos, gifs and help files available,
Understanding how things intersect is fairly important.
Context of intersect. You need to be in the correct context for the geometry to intersect.