Creating a boulder


I’m looking to recreate this stone with softer edges - can anyone advise the best way to do this please?


Hi Penelope. Have you already modeled the stone? You could use the SubD extension to subdivide and further soften it. Or you might look at Eneroth’s Fractal Terrain Eroder

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Thanks Dave - I’ll check both of those out

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Hi there,
You might want to take a look at the Artisan suite of extensions.
I was doing lots of rocks and landscape a couple of years ago and found the sculpt/inflate/flatten/smooth tools invaluable for this.
I second DaveR’s recommendations as well!

@Perdy I’ve used Artisan in the past. Here’s one process to consider…

I used the polygon tool create a shape…moved/stretched some ends…extruded…and moved some edges some more until a basic boulder shape was achieved.

Using Artisan, subdivided by 1 iteration on left, then 2 (more detail and subdivisions) middle…and final result on right.

Placed in context.

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An interesting boulder, it looks faceted already.

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