Create sketchup drawing of box with finger joints and splayed sides

I am trying to build the breakfast tray shown in the attached jpg file. breakfast tray table v3.skp (584.2 KB)

The instructions are sufficiently complete that I don’t need a drawing. However, before I make saw dust, I like to have a complete SketchUp drawing. Unfortunately, when I complete the drawing for the sides and back and then put the pieces together, I need to know the splay angle (measured from the vertical). The ends of the back are first mitered at 15 deg and then a router is used to create the fingers of a box joint; see scene “side clamped to router table”. If the joinery was a mitered corner instead of box joint, a 15 deg miter angle yields a splay angle of 15.542 deg; I built this box in SketchUp to confirm these compound miter numbers. I blindly thought if the sides and back were splayed at 15.542 deg, everything would fit perfectly. As shown in the scene “box assembled 15.542 deg”, I do not get a perfect match. I even tried a 15 deg splay angle and that did not work either. Ironically, you can build the box (missing the front) without ever knowing the splay angle. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Ben! This looks like a fun project. Are the edges of the fingers supposed to be parallel to the bottom of the tray? If so, I think you’ll have difficulty cutting them with a straight or spiral router bit. Are the corners supposed to be mitered box joints? Would you like to look together?

Dave: The questions you asked are best answered by opening the skp file I included with the original post. I am not being evasive but a picture is worth a thousand words. If you meant “look together” via zoom or something similar, the answer is a definite yes.

I do have your file open. I guess I would cut them like this:

Can we work out something for tomorrow? Maybe drop me a PM.